For Small Business Owners

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Owners Who Use AR Automation Save Time & Money

Automation will take care of mundane, repetitive tasks that don’t require immediate attention but still need to get done. This frees up the small business owner to focus on higher-impact work that directly contributes to their bottom line. Additionally, automating certain processes can help improve accuracy and efficiency, since the same task is performed in exactly the same way each time. Ultimately, this leads to a more streamlined operation and more efficient use of resources — both of which are major advantages for any small business looking to stay competitive in today's market.

On top of the operational advantages, AR automation will keep costs down. It will reduce labor costs and eliminate human error. It also helps small businesses stay on top of inventory levels, which can help avoid wasting money on excess stock.


Features That Small Business Owners Will Love

AR automation also offers scalability benefits for small business owners. Automation allows them to scale up operations quickly and easily without needing additional personnel or capital investments. This opens the door for a wider range of opportunities as the company grows, such as entering new markets or expanding existing product lines. With automated processes in place, a single person can manage a much larger operation than would be possible with manual labor alone. All of this adds up to greater potential profits — something every small business owner strives for!

Collaborate with Customers

Engage and interact within your customer portal. Address concerns, attach estimates, share tracking numbers, and more.


Automated Reminders

Automate invoices and payment reminders. Send late payments automatically to collections and eliminate manual tasks.


Business Intelligence

Access meaningful data to make important business decisions. Uncover your clients'  buying and payment habits.


Free PCI Compliance

Tired of the PCI hassle? Answer a few simple questions for PCI compliance. Best of all, it's completely free.


Improve Your Cash Flow

Automate your AR processes to reduce your costs, ensure you get paid on time, and improve your cash flow.


Seamless Payments

An embedded platform for ACH and card processing with no practical limit to transaction sizes for most B2B businesses.


Here's Why You Need Bill360 —
even if you're using QuickBooks or Xero

  Bill360 Logo QBO QBD QBE Xero
Seamless Embedded Payments Built for B2B Bill360-SecondaryLogo      
DSO Monitoring via Dashboard Bill360-SecondaryLogo      
Supplier Portal Focused on AR Automation Bill360-SecondaryLogo        
Buyer Portal with Invoice History Bill360-SecondaryLogo        
AutoPay Option for Buyers Bill360-SecondaryLogo    
Secure Buyer-Managed Payment Wallet Bill360-SecondaryLogo        
Real-time Customer Collaboration Bill360-SecondaryLogo        
Deposit Settlement Capabilities Bill360-SecondaryLogo        
Fully-integrated Payments and AR Support Bill360-SecondaryLogo        
Supplier/Buyer Network Across Multiple Accounting Systems Bill360-SecondaryLogo        
 Unlimited Users Bill360-SecondaryLogo      
 Live Guided Setup Bill360-SecondaryLogo        

Supercharge Your Accounting System

Icon-SuperchargeBill360 doesn’t replace your existing accounting system. We simply pick up where it leaves off by adding critical functionality and features that save time, improve cash flow, and allow you to run your business more effectively. And Bill360 needs fewer than 30 minutes to sync with programs like QuickBooks and Xero, so you’ll be cutting costs and increasing profit in no time.

Take advantage of our 30-day free trial and discover why no one does AR (Accounts Receivable) automation like Bill360, purpose-built for B2B companies like yours.

A marketing agency was looking to improve cash flow and make its accounting team run with more efficiency. The agency chose Bill360 for AR automation and reduced aging receivables by 50%, transaction processing costs by 30%, and DSO by 88%.



Try Our ROI Calculator

Discover how much you could save by reducing your DSO and improving your productivity with Bill360's AR automation.


From invoice to payment and everything in between

  • Create, Send & Track Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Embedded Payment Processing
  • Set-It-And-Go Reminders
  • Collections Automation
  • Secure Customer Portal
  • Reporting & Business Insights
  • Full Accounting Integration


Bill360 Was Made for Small Business Owners, Like You!

Bill360 Dashboard

Take your accounting system to the next level. Bill360 is the only AR automation platform with data-enhanced embedded payments built for our B2B market. What's more, we are the only provider that has embedded payments in one in-house system for both ACH and card processing, giving your customers a truly seamless experience — just like Amazon® and Uber® have done for consumers!

See for yourself how we solve the AR issues affecting small-to-medium-sized businesses.